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The Virtual Reality Club at UCSD is a student organization at UC San Diego that connects members with the VR industry through workshops, projects, and networking. Our mission is to foster a multidisciplinary community dedicated to exploring and creating Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

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Make VR

There's no better way to learn VR than to actually make it, which is why we encourage VR Club members of all majors and interests to join a VR Club project! Any member can propose a project idea, and VR CLub provides the resources, mentorship, publicity, and space to make it happen.

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Learn VR

Every week, VR Club holds a workshop open to all UCSD students. These workshops alternate between technical and non-technical, meaning anyone is able to attend and learn more about VR, and the procss trough which VR experiences are created. Feel free to check out our workshop slides at any time.

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Explore VR

Every quearter, VR Club holds a total of two large-scale demo events. At the beginning of each quarter, we show professional VR content that we think you'll enjoy, with varied experiences for returning members. At the end of every quarter, we hold a project showcase, where VR Club members can demo what they've worked on

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Share VR

Virtual Reality is still an emerging technology that's relatively niche, and we want to help VR enthusiasts at UCSD connect with others interested in VR. We hold regular club socials, outings, demos, and holiday events to encourage members of VR Club to interact with each other and grow the VR Club community.

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Work VR

VR Club partners with innovative companies and startups that have stakes in the VR industry. We aim to bringing recruiters, developers, evangelists, and brand managers in contact with club members, with the hope that our students can obtain a career in the growing VR industry.

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Spread VR

We regularly partner with local schools, organizations, companies, nonprofits, and other student groups to deliver immersive VR content and provide exciting opportunities for club members and community members alike. If you're interested in making an impact, we accept volunteers for all VR Club outreach.

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